Camp Shepherd

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Camp Shepherd Enrollment Form

Deadline: June 7, 2019

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One Camper Per Form:

    Monday through Friday, 7am - 6pm


    Choose which weeks and days camper will attend:
    $60 per day

Payment Options

* $100 non-refundable deposit (per child) must be paid using a credit/debit card.
* The deposit will be used towards your child’s first week of camp tuition.
* Weekly tuition billing will be as follows: ACH withdrawal from checking account using Tuition Express.
* NO checks or credit cards will be accepted for weekly tuition.
* Billing is done in advance.You will be charged for the amount of days your child is enrolled for regardless of attendance.

Discount Available

* Each additional full time sibling will receive a $25 credit applied toward weekly tuition
* Multi child discount will be applied toward EVERY full time week your children are enrolled
* For Example: Child A - $225, Child B - $200, Child C - $200

The Parent Handbook and all necessary forms should be completed and filled out prior to June 7, 2019. The Parent Handbook contains all policies, activity information, and vital camper information.

Conditions of Enrollment

Enrollment in our program requires compliance with all policies and procedures set forth here and in the Parent Handbook. Should you have questions, please contact us. A parent/camper Welcome Night will be held in June – more information to follow.

Our Camp accepts children of any race, color, gender, national origin, and religion. All children are entitled to all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to children at our Camp. We do not discriminate in the administration of our policies, admissions or programs administered through our Camp. We are licensed through the State of Michigan to accept and serve school-aged children. The camp program is currently open to children completing K – 6th grades.

Severe weather related closing will not be refunded.

I understand that if my child’s behavior poses a safety risk or undue stress, Camp Shepherd reserves the right to remove the child from camp. In such a case, camp tuition will not be refunded. We will work with each family in regards to behavior matters to ensure a safe, enjoyable camp experience for all.

I understand that if my child becomes ill and not able to participate, Camp Shepherd will do their best to accommodate my child during another session. However, Camp Shepherd can not guarantee alternate enrollment. Refunds are not provided due to illness.

I allow any third party hospital, doctor, etc, to release any information regarding my child’s medical condition to the camp’s Director. I understand that the Director reserves the right to send my child home or to hospitalize my child or to seek outside medical assistance. All related expenses shall be paid by me or my insurance.

I understand that if I choose to withdraw my child from the program, Camp Shepherd will consider a pro-rated refund based on a case by case basis.

I understand that Camp Shepherd is not responsible for any child’s personal belongings, although every effort will be made by the staff to safeguard possessions. Valuable or sentimental items should not be brought to camp. Furthermore, cell phones, video games, and any other electronic devices are not permitted at camp. Camp Shepherd accepts no responsibility for these items if lost, stolen, or broken while at camp.

I allow my child to participate fully in all activity programming at Camp Shepherd.

By enrolling my child in the camp program, I agree to all terms and conditions of enrollment, payment, policies and procedures.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 will be charged for each child. Deposit is applied toward tuition balance. I understand that I will be billed weekly via ACH withdrawal of checking account via Tuition Express. All forms will be completed and returned by June 7, 2019.